Drawing from Self-Love

Drawing from Self-Love

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A unique workshop exploring self-love and mindfulness through the art of self-portraiture. No technical art skills or drawing experience necessary.

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When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

So many of identify with our eyes, our face, our heads, but see our body as "the other." It's easy to be critical of this big thing that we lug around, because we don't see it as part of us.

When you fall down, you say you scraped "your knee." This thing that belongs to you, but is NOT you. This drawing class is about reconnecting to yourself.

Your knees are you, your elbows are you, your hips ARE YOU.

When most people draw themselves, they draw a caricature. I've found that looking at my body as if it were made of clay or marble allows me to release the stories that I have about my shape.

What will class look like?

We'll start with some wild, silly and feminine movement, to loosen up our hips and shoulders. Everyone will get a big drawing pad, and markers, pens and pencils. After a brief introduction, each woman will sit in front of the mirror and undress to her comfort level.

The first few drawings will be short and rough, just to explore sitting still and focusing on your own form. Then we'll do some longer drawings, and I'll guide you through the discomfort of being with your own body so intimately, and also give guidance about drawing technique.

Who's Lily Calfee?

I am a Creative Health Coach; I help women transform their relationship with themselves, through nourishment and the creative process. For me, creativity is a practice in mindfulness and self-love; mindful because I can only draw when I am present, and have no choice but to be present when I draw, and self-loving because self-expression requires honoring your impulses and urges, taking the time to make them a reality.

Self-portraiture has allowed me to overcome the shame and fear that I experienced from having a female body, and allowed me to feel totally at home in this form. I know this body the way one knows the house they grew up in--I bask in the sunny nooks and tread lightly over the creaking stair. Even as it changes, I feel strong love for my physical form, and I owe this to the practice of self-portraiture.