These are some reviews from past clients who were struggling with body-image, self-love and finding the right foods for their body. They had a wide variety resources available to them; self-help books, coaches, therapists, eating disorder counseling—and I am so honored that they chose to work with me. 

Every conversation is such a gift. I’ve grown tremendously with you and I feel so lucky to have worked with you! Thank God you’re on Instagram so I can follow along.
— L.B.
You have been such an incredible resource and a wonderful person to talk to. You’ve answered all of my many questions and I’m grateful to have met you.
— K.D
Women’s Creative Health Coach | Lily Calfee + Ideal Nourishment | Healthy Women
The results I saw were amazing! Two months after transforming my diet I felt energetic—no more brain fog, no bloating, no gas and most importantly my period went from a two day excruciating process to one hour of mild discomfort. It’s been unbelievable! For once in my life I feel privileged to be a women. Thank you, Lily.
— Claire
Women’s Creative Health Coach | Lily Calfee + Ideal Nourishment | Women and Adventure
I cherish the open space and time that I have alone instead of trying to cover up emotions and feelings.

Through exercises, projects, and just a listening ear, Lily helped me cure myself of self-inflicted (dis)ease so I can feel radiant and unapologetically proud of who I am and what I have to offer the world.
— Mia
You are a JOY to work with. I couldn’t have opened up without the safety net you provide. You offer such a safe space within which to explore. Thank you.
— Sophia
I came to Lily because I was experiencing painful menstrual cycles and some imbalances in my eating that I didn’t feel motivated to correct. During my session, we dove really deep into my emotional attachments to my eating habits and this helped me feel ready to make changes.

She gave me some really great recommendations about preventing cramps. I took all of her suggestions about the eating changes that I wanted to make and the results felt great. I had a menstrual cycle without cramps a few weeks after our first appointment!

I carry with me the many deep and profound insights she offered and still follow my list of recommendations; it’s made a really positive difference for me.
— Alexandra

I now have ways to describe the “hunger” that I’m feeling. I’ll surprise myself sometimes and not be hungry when I’m really working on something I love and feeling really supported in it.

I LOVE the hungry sensation when it comes during those times, knowing I need to fuel and nourish my body and that is all, that’s all the food is, fuel and nourishment, nothing else attached to it. Conversely, I can now clearly identify the other type of “hunger” that is my craving for being loved, being appreciated, for being with others. You are amazing!
— Lisa

Women’s Creative Health Coach | Lily Calfee + Ideal Nourishment | Personal Growth
It’s always great to talk to you...The hour flew by and I left feeling so positive with a smile on my face.
— B.
When you work with Lily be prepared to think and connect deeply. She’s like a super knowledgeable friend who devotes her time specifically for you in order for you to become a more healthful, invigorated version of yourself. My experience with her reaches far beyond “my relationship with food” and delves into the curious realms of the relationship I have with myself.
— Liz

"I was using food as a "fix" for literally every emotion..."

"Working with Lily has been so eye-opening! She got me questioning my use of food as a "fix" for literally every emotion I've ever had or wanted to have. 

Lily helped me come up with HOW I want to feel, and I've built a long list of go-to self-care tools that don't involve eating ;) She also guided me towards improving my cooking skills and was a great cheerleader when it came to different recipes and ingredient combinations. I felt inspired to keep cooking and building trust in my own skills and creativity! 

Just talking through my ideas with Lily helped me figure out things I didn't realize I had whirling around my head. Her relaxed and non-judgemental listening style really helped me feel comfortable and I felt her comments and suggestions to be spot on! 

Lily really does care and her regular emails helped me to stay on task with my goal of growth and building trust in myself and my decisions. I would highly recommend working with Lily to anyone who is in need of some guidance and creative direction in their life!"

— Marisol


"Thank you for helping me solve my severe abdominal pain."

"Before I met you, I had pretty consistent lower abdominal pain/cramping attacks. I would be keeled over in pain and unsure how to help myself. The pain got to be so severe I even went to the hospital to get help. 

I knew that there were foods that my body struggled to digest but I had such a difficult time letting any of those foods go. I also struggled with my food choices and know which "facts" to believe and which sources to turn to for information. 

Working with you has done so much for me!

First of all, you are so knowledgeable and you were able to answer literally all of the questions I had regarding food and the body and everything in between. When I had gotten some blood work done, you knew exactly what it meant and how to work with my body where it was at. You encouraged me and gave me the tools I needed to encourage myself to cut out various foods from my diet. I no longer suffer from those horrible cramps and my digestion has been doing so much better! 

My body has definitely been happier and more able to regulate itself since we started working together. Our one-on-one conversations have reiterated to me that I am completely capable of achieving all that I'd like to...but that I can't do it without non-judgemental self-compassion. 

I really appreciate your individualistic approach.

Working with you is not about getting skinny, it is about learning to practice self-love which often times means slowing down and listening to what my body really needs.

Talking with you made me realize all of the ways in which our bodies are so deeply interconnected with everything going on around us. I really appreciated that our conversations were never limited.

Lily, I have recommended you before and would absolutely recommend you again. Thank you for all of your help, it was a dream to work with you."

— Beatrice


"I now have a lot more love and patience for myself..."

Chelsea Smiling

"I've struggled with bulimia and the physical and psychological effects of this disease since I was 13 years old. Most of my life I was in denial of this fact, but I reached out to Lily when I really noticed that I had lost control, and was feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. My creative life is incredibly important to me, and it would come to an infuriating standstill whenever I went through one of these deep valleys. Lily helped me to see a connection between what I eat, how I feel about that, and how I am able to feed my creative nature. 

Lily  helped me to say hello to a huge aspect of my life that I had tried hard to sweep under the rug. She actually made me think about it, and not only that but changed the manner in which I think about it. She made me ask, how can you start to heal without understanding and acceptance? 

Lily was great at helping me to see the positive when I saw none, and that my own mind might be a little more complicated than having "bad" and "good" habits that deserve either self-loathing or reward as a result. I didn't even know I had locked myself into one mode of thinking, until she suggested that my habits didn't need to be demonized, but came from a place of self-preservation. 

I now have a lot more love and patience for myself. Instead of feeling like a failure if I slip up with my eating habits, I accept my feelings of panic or disappointment, and am better able to understand why I have them, and I don't dwell on them! I never thought I'd be like that! I've learned to be able to share my story with other loved ones, no longer feel ashamed at my experience (a huge thing for me) and am on the road to recovery. I can't say enough good things about her patience, insight, and kindness."

— B.

Lily’s ability to ask questions that help me dive into myself is phenomenal.
— Lisa

"Lily's ability to create the space for me to discover this transformation is truly a gift."

"In my first conversation with Lily, I did not know what to expect; I only knew I really liked her energy, knowledge and passion (and incredible soup!) when first we met.  In that one call I gained two totally unexpected and amazingly helpful insights into what was keeping me from taking action to a healthier life. 

Now that I have this awareness, the block I felt so frustrated with has dissolved!  Now I feel hopeful and have actually started making changes and already feel a difference physically and mentally for sure.  It is WAY easier than I was making it out to be!  Lily's ability to create the space for me to discover this transformation is truly a gift—one I pray thousand’s discover, for the betterment of us all!"

Stef Swink, Spiritual Practitioner and Mentor


"Lily has helped me through the worst and best of my struggles with this disease."

Sarah dancing

"Around the same time that I started to realize that I should take a more holistic approach to healing my mind, heart, and body-- Lily Calfee swept in as a guide to my growth into holistic healing. Over the years she has been a thoroughly informed and conscientious coach for my nutrition, my physical activity, and mindful living.

I suffer from diffuse symptoms of a rare autoimmune disease called Scleroderma, which causes digestive issues and generally "off" immunity. Lily has helped me through periods of intense sickness by offering all of the following services and much more than can be put into words:

1. Emotional and spiritual guidance for relaxation and mindful living. This involved yoga, breath work, calming activities and thought exercises, and of course-- life advice.

2. Herbal supplements, ranging from digestive enzymes to a mineral sleep aid.

3. Specific dietary recommendations to ease my symptoms, involving a pleasant but strict regimen of foods tailored to my body and my symptoms.
Lily has helped me through the worst and best of my struggles with this disease. She has helped to supply me with tools for healing myself, rather than relying on expensive Western medical pharmaceuticals and services that I don't entirely trust to begin with. Above all else, she continues to treat me as both a dear friend and a patient, and this loving combination is essential for my healing. Thank you, Lily!"

— F.C.

"I'm happier and less stressed...I feel fulfilled."

Ferris smiling

"First, it was a general dearth of happiness, terrible self-image and a major stress eating problem. Later it was feeling sad despite knowing that I have an awesome life and a need for stress management. Now it's acid indigestion, bad periods and wanting to get pregnant. I’ve had trouble trusting professionals with my feelings. I was afraid I wouldn't be taken seriously and that confidentiality would not be upheld. I also didn't think anyone could really help me.

Now, my first thought when I look in the mirror is almost always positive. When it's not, it's easy to give myself a compliment and re-frame the way I look at myself. I bought clothes that fit me properly and make me feel amazing. I'm more confident at work and in my personal life. I'm happier and less stressed, and I have a set of tactics to reduce stress when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

My relationship with food has completely changed - I no longer eat out of emotion or overeat. I've made connections between what I eat and how I feel, and I'm making better choices because of it. I feel proud of myself and the life that I am creating with my husband. I feel fulfilled. We're still working together! I am confident that I will continue to live my best life."

— Chelsea

Maggie Smiling

"I am happy, inside and out."

"I felt a general lack of control around eating—eating when I wasn’t hungry and having a hard time stopping. Sugar was the hardest to resist—I would eat large amounts, often at work where I would snack on goods from the bakery. I felt a lot of guilt around "binge" eating. I would put myself down and feel physically ill the next day. It would put me in a bad mood

I found myself in too many tempting situations that I could not control myself in: work, parties, my own pantry! I kept buying tempting bulk foods, even though I knew I would eat them in one sitting.

I was worried that I was going to be criticized—that a coach would make statements about what I am doing wrong. I was also concerned about what my friends & family would think. I made the decision to not tell anyone until I felt ready to. This removed outside pressure.

Lily taught me how to respect, love, and nourish my body. There have been huge changes in my life. I am happy, inside and out. What I eat doesn't dictate who I am. Although I still struggle with my old tempting foods, I have learned to not keep them in the house. Other people have noticed a change in my mood and attitude. People often comment on a glow that I now have. Sure, I slip into my old ways, but instead of criticizing myself, I acknowledge the incident, understand why it happened, and move on. I focus on foods that will nourish my body and avoid toxins. I am working to decrease my alcohol intake as well.

I am still on the journey, and probably forever will be. I can genuinely say that I love the person I am...and I did NOT feel this way before meeting with Lily. I am excited to graduate from CU and spend a few months doing what I want—no classes, no work, just focusing on how I can become healthy, happy, and nurturing to myself!"

— C.B.

"I have given myself the gift of ME."

"I was in a pattern of toxic, abusive relationships that badly needed breaking. However, it wasn’t the abusive relationships that made my whole life feel like crap, but the relationship I had with myself.

Truly, I was most terrified of change. If I actually chose to sit with a coach and take a serious look at the things that were holding me back, then I would be responsible for changing them. The scared part of me was used to the way things had been and rationalized that as long as I kept my fears and hurts in my head, they weren’t a big deal. But my fear and insecurities that were keeping me from seeing how amazingly worthwhile I am were a colossally huge deal.

Lily helped me re-style my life in a way befitting the person I wanted to be and truly am. I left my abusive relationship. I learned that starting with the small things that didn't seem so scary empowered me to believe in my ability to do the really huge, seemingly impossible things. The reverberations of this are still noticeable as we continue to work together.
After spending the last year and a half working on my addiction to abuse, I am so free. Not only have I kept my promise to myself to remain single for a year, something any relationship addict knows is a really tough thing to do, but I am HAPPY SINGLE! My life is MINE. I am free to decide how I spend my time, money, love, and power. I have given myself the gift of ME. I learned about radical self love and how incredibly badass it is to be "selfish." I am no longer scared of what may rumble around in my subconscious, but curious because I believe I will be better for the self exploration."

— E.E.

Anna Stretching

"I definitely have more confidence and am calmer…"

Lily and Mettie in Portland, OR

"I was facing a perceived cross-section in my life; was really anxious about my "career" choices and relationship situations. I had been so busy during the school year that I just kept getting more and more anxious.  I wanted to learn so many things about food, read fun books, organize my room, learn about science, watch cool documentaries—but I never felt like I could get anything done. I also came off a tough 2nd year teaching and felt really low on self-confidence.  

I didn't really know what health coaching entailed....but I was recommended to you by a friend and thought I'd try it out. I think just the act of making  heart-centered goals was really helpful for me—it got me out of this rut that made me feel like nothing was going to get better.  Just mapping out what I wanted and how I could potentionally get there in small steps was calming.  The healthy-eating resources you gave me were also helpful—and easily incorporated into my daily eating life.

I'm still very much in transition mode in my life.  I am teaching for another year next year and then I'm going to see what happens after that.  I can tell you right now, though, that I am approaching this next year with a more confidence in myself and definitely calmer than how I was before.  I'm still figuring it out, but I'm okay with saying just that: "I'm figuring it out" —rather than feeling pressure to come up with an answer to be a certain way."

— Anonymous

"Lily taught me how to have grace for myself…"

Shannon and her salad

"I originally started working with Lily because of my period pain—I experienced horrible cramps monthly, working through them even though I felt like I'd pass out and only experiencing relief with whisky. I was nervous to sign up for health coaching because I have a history of yo-yo dieting and had recently become more balanced and intuitive with the way I approach my body and food. I was worried that this would derail that progress and I would feel pressured to take extreme measures that didn't align with my intuition.

My bi-weekly coaching over the phone with Lily taught me how to have grace for myself when I'm not as strong. She supported my intuitive eating practices and gave me the gentle nudges that I needed to move forward and challenge my habits without trying to fit me into a diet box. Lily helped me to acknowledge small and gentle ways to make my periods a better experience—I honestly look forward to my period now. They are significantly less painful and I'm allowing myself the proper amount of space and rest to make it through that time without being unkind to myself."      

—  Sarajane Case


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