Self-Love Sisterhood Mentorship

If you are searching for gentle guidance on eating or exercise, this program is for you.

Your mentor is your sounding board, your cheerleader, and your helping hand when you fall off the wagon and land face first in a pint of Ben & Jerry's.

Mentors have struggled themselves with emotional eating, body image, and self-worth, plus the more tangible struggles of meal planning, exercising, and getting dressed in the morning. While they are still human (thank goodness) these young women have reached the point on their self-love journey where is they are able to offer some jewels of goodness to be of benefit to others.

Support, Guidance, Accountability. 

This program pairs each applicant with a young woman who has completed at least six months of counseling with me. Let's take the conversation about food, body-image, and self-love OUT of the shadows and into a warm loving container that is the Sisterhood of Self-Love.


Why mentor?

At this point, your friends know about your past struggles and know they can trust you with theirs. They come to you with their issues surrounding food and exercises and you just don't know how to help them. You don't want to push too much or sound "preachy" but you know you could share some of that knowledge with them in hopes of guiding them towards a happier and healthier life. 

For mentors, this is an opportunity to practice 'walking the talk' and using the tools and strategies that you learned in our work together to help others move freedom and ease in their bodies. This program offers a monthly conference call with Lily to fine-tune communication with their mentee and troubleshoot sticky situations. 

Pairs will meet biweekly for an agreed upon length of time (30-60 minutes) and stay in touch between meetings via text or email. Mentors will meet with Lily once a month for an hour-long conference call during which they will get support on thier own work as well as that of thier mentee.

What's the price?

This program is sooooo cheap because running it soothes my need to save the entire world, which I'm working on...But! In the meantime, membership in the Self-Love and Sisterhood Mentorship program is $25/month. After you are matched, you'll get an invoice via email that you can pay with the card you would like to be charged on the 1st of each month.

As a mentee, $25 gets you as much support as you want, from a young woman who has wrestled with similar issues and walked a similar path. And, you get the added reassurance that she, in turn, is getting guidance and support in being your mentor. As a mentor, 25 bucks gets you access to me on our monthly conference call, plus the opportunity to keep having the conversation that we started in my office.

Apply today to meet your Self-Love Sister!

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Some areas I still struggle in:
Remember, as a mentor you will always have my support. You don't need to solve anyone's problems for them, just help them see a path forward.