Learn to listen to your heart, feed your soul, and care for your body so that you can light up the world with your unique gifts.

Your love for yourself is the foundation for all of the good you do.

Whether your searching for the most supportive foods or movement for your body or struggling to maintain a self-care routine, the Love Your Self Mentorship is for you. I’m your sounding board and your cheerleader. Together, we’ll fine-tune strategies that help you feel right at home in your own skin. You’ll learn to care for your body without depriving yourself, to create positive change without berating yourself, and to eat in a way that fills your belly and your soul.

It all starts with a quick phone call to get to know each other and see if we both get a good vibe. (I’m sure we will!)



As a woman, the hardest part of my body to love was my damned uterus. My period made my life SO terrible! How could I possible learn to love something that caused me so much pain and discomfort? Still, I knew that my monthly cycle had to be somehow worth loving. If my period is evidence of the somewhat magical continuation of the human race, then it can’t be all misery and anguish. Introducing…


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