Soul-Food Sessions

Soul-Food Sessions

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This is a private, one-on-one conversation where we’ll suss out what your soul is hungry for, how this hunger might be showing up as cravings or emotional eating, and how to really feed yourself.

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Here’s what will happen once you schedule: I’ll send you some journal prompts to help get you focused. You’ll fill them out and we’ll hop on Skype or Facetime* together to dig into your goals, strengths, dreams, and fears. We’ll talk for about 90 minutes, and you’ll walk away with a custom-designed strategy to help feed your body AND your soul.

So, what will we talk about?

Intention setting:

The balance between “knowing what you want” and being resigned is a fine one. I’ve found that getting clear on what I want (and what I don’t) allows me to relax into acceptance, leaving me both at ease in my current circumstances and inspired to take transformational action.


Food, mental health, and creativity are part of a rapid-cycling infinite loop. How you eat dicates how you feel and think, but how you’re feeling clearly impacts how you eat. We’ll tease out any of missing links and design a diet that will support you in being your brightest, most creative self.


It doesn’t matter how many superfoods you eat if your soul is starving. In a world where we’re bombarded with images of “the perfect body,” it’s easy to obsess over food and exercise and forget that there are bigger fish to fry! You have a purpose in this lifetime, a cause bigger than yourself that needs your love and intention.

I love brainstorming and generating solutions on everything from cravings and relationships to creativity and entrepreneurship. I love sharing ideas and helping you become your own veritable geyser of creative ideas! However, I only have time for a few of these sessions each month, so if this sounds like something you’re into, book your Soul-Food Strategy Session today.

I have been guiding women back towards self-love for eight years; through troubled relationships, unfulfilling careers and self-sabotaging habits. I've studied how a woman's love for herself effects her job, money, relationships and health. 

Before creating any transformation in these outer parts of her life, we transform the way we relates to ourselves.

From a place of self-love, healthy choices become first nature, healthy relationships become the status quo and abundance flows from joy in creation, rather than from fear and self-discipline. 

My unique process draws from many schools of thought and has transformed many lives.

“As I sit alone in my house, cherishing the open space and time that I have instead of trying to cover up emotions and feelings, I think of the journey that Lily has helped me through. Through exercises, projects, and just a listening ear, Lily helped me cure myself of self-inflicted (dis)ease so I can feel radiant and unapologetically proud of who I am and what I have to offer the world.”

— Mia