Love Yr Body, Love Yr Self: A Women's Mastermind Group

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Love Yr Body, Love Yr Self: A Women's Mastermind Group


Our society fetishizes busyness, self-deprecation, and perfection—creating the perfect storm for self-criticism, deprivation, and comparison to run rampant within us. We are more isolated today than we have ever been.

This small community will be a sacred container for you to explore. 

I'll guide you through exercises that I’ve lead hundreds of women through; tapping into your desires, understanding the messages your body sends you and learning to make choices that value your health and happiness over perfection.

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This isn't your run-of-the-mill dieting group.

Even though we’ll actively work towards our goals each week, this isn’t the striving, self-critical goal setting you might be used to. You may be surprised by how fun and peaceful it is to take action for your own benefit. As your heart opens, you will have more love and energy for the people and causes you love. You will sleep better and be more present during the day. You will be able to communicate authentically, honoring both your own needs and those of others. You will find that peaceful companionship that I found at Iron Knot Ranch. Most importantly, you will become a peaceful companion to yourself, and develop the skills to soothe yourself without resorting to binge eating, escapism, or self-criticism.  

Here's how it works:

I’ll host a video conference call twice a month and lead you through a series of exercises to strengthen your intuition, self-awareness, and self-love. We’ll talk about desires, intention-setting, creating your ideal diet, and how to make new habits stick. I’ll share the same clarity, honesty, and insight that I share with my private clients with you as a group.

You’ll walk away from each call with a clear goal for the week and a community of women waiting to encourage you on our private Facebook group. We’ll support each other generously and with compassion and integrity, moving towards our common goal of feeling at home and at ease in our own skin.

A Gentle, Loving Way to Support Your Body

If you have considered working with me in the past, but have been discouraged due to cost, please join us for this sixteen-week program for only $160. If we have worked together in the past, this group will be an easy way to maintain the great progress that you have created while seeing me one-on-one.

As I mentioned above, this mastermind group will consist of eight hour-long video calls that will be recorded so that you can refer back to them. We’ll meet every other week and I will introduce a new concept and strategies for practicing each new healthy habit. Each call, you will set a goal for the next two weeks and we’ll leave time for Q&A at the end of each session.

Comradery and Accountability 

In between meetings, you will be responsible for posting your homework to our secret Facebook group and checking in with your accountability partner. We will each offer loving and honesty, support and encouragement through the challenges that present themselves between calls. I will be active in our private group every day, sharing ideas and responding to your questions.

There are only 8 spaces available in this first offering, so reserve your spot today!

It’s always great to talk to you. Yesterday, the hour flew by, and I was left feeling so positive and with a smile on my face.
— B.B.
I now have ways to describe the “hunger” that I’m feeling. I’ll surprise myself sometimes and not be hungry when I’m really working on something I love and feeling really supported in it. Conversely, I can now clearly identify the other type of “hunger” that is my craving for being loved, being appreciated, for being with others. You are amazing!”
— Lisa
I have a lot more love and patience for myself. Instead of feeling like a failure if I slip up with my eating habits, I’m better able to understand my feelings of panic or disappointment, and I don’t dwell on them! I never thought I’d be like that! I’ve learned to be able to share my story with other loved ones, no longer feel ashamed at my experience (a huge thing for me) and am on the road to recovery. I can’t say enough good things about her patience, insight, and kindness
— Brooke
My relationship with food has completely changed - I no longer eat out of emotion or overeat. I’ve made connections between what I eat and how I feel, and I’m making better choices because of it. I feel proud of myself and the life that I am creating with my husband. I feel fulfilled. We’re still working together! I am confident that I will continue to live my best life
— K.