Did you take a class in high school called “How to Say What’s On Your Mind Without Hurting the People You Love?”

Yeah, neither did I.

Missing that vital piece of education, I developed two strategies as a young adult: Say Nothing or Explode. Neither of these methods built closeness or understanding between me and the people I love, in fact, they seem to create tension in all of my most-valued relationships. Sometimes, I used both strategies, one after the other, with the sure result of annihilating the friendship or professional relationship.

There’s another way of communicating with those you care about.

Transform the way you communicate and watch your friendships, relationships, and leadership skill blossom. Struggling to create adult relationships with your parents and siblings? Bored or frustrated at work? Not satisfied with superficial friendships? Want more REAL connection in life? This mentorship is for you.

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Cultivate meaningful friendships with love and vulnerability.

Gracefully navigate misunderstandings, estrangement, and heartbreak to foster deeper relationships. Learn to share your success without sounding like a preachy jerk. Learn to maintain healthy boundaries and have more intimate conversations.


Learn to listen to your own heart.

The Love Your People Mentorship program is made up of twelve 45-minute calls, email support between conversations, and actionable steps for you to take each week.

We’ll set a specific intention for our work together, practice some foundational skills, and uncover subconscious thinking patterns that may be contributing to your frustration in communication. 


Navigate difficult conversations

At the end of your mentorship, you’ll feel confident expressing your love, communicating your needs, and navigating difficult conversations.

You will be able to speak your mind lovingly and honestly and really listen when your loved ones speak theirs. You will see challenges in friendships, family, or relationships as an opportunity to build understanding and intimacy.

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Space in the Love Your People mentorship program is limited and therefore requires a short application. If you are interested but have questions, please shoot me an email.

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