Love Your Food Mentorship

Understand Cravings, Allergies, and Emotional Eating

Lily Holding Citrus and Radicchio Salad

I remember when I thought that healthy eating meant smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch, and not much for dinner. I’d see photos on Instagram of other women’s beautiful salads and wonder why I didn’t have the energy or creativity or willpower to make my food that spartan and photogenic.

I was cultivated by society to struggle with food-related guilt, cravings, and disorders.

And I wasn’t alone. Most people wrestle with our relationship with food. We eat too much, too little, too fast. We eat late at night or when we're not hungry. We binge on foods that drag our spirits down and starve ourselves from the healing foods around us. But it doesn't have to be this way. You can have a peaceful, easy relationship with food. I can help.

 Transform your relationship with food and eating.

Food should taste good. Not packed with chemicals designed to make it tase good, but really good, like a fresh, juicy tomato still warm from the August sun. That aliveness passes from your food into your body, so what makes you come alive? What drags you down? Let's feed your soul and your body.

There's no dogma here, no "good" or "bad" foods—just you and your body.

My clients learn how to nourish their souls and overcome cravings. They decode the messages their bodies send them and learn to adapt their eating habits to truly nourish themselves…without spending hours searching for recipes or counting calories.

No matter where you are in the world, you have the opportunity to work with me. We'll meet every other week for an hour over the phone, and I am available to you between sessions via text and email. You'll have access to my vast archive of recipes and essays, and an opportunity to join an online community of women who will walk alongside you on the journey towards self-love.


Rave Reviews from People Like You

My relationship with food has completely changed. I no longer eat out of emotion or overeat. I’ve made connections between what I eat and how I feel, and I’m making better choices because of it. I feel proud of myself and the life that I am creating with my husband. I feel fulfilled.
— K. D.
You are a JOY to work with. I couldn’t have opened up without the safety net you provide. You offer such a safe space within which to explore. Thank you.
— S. K.
Lily taught me how to respect, love, and nourish my body. There have been huge changes in my life. I am happy, inside and out.
— C. B.

Who’s Lily Calfee?

A Self-Love and Nutrition Strategist

Lily making salad

I’ve been a foodie all my life but coaching humans professionally since 2011. I love creating the perfect bite but I’ve also been known to eat pickles straight out of the fridge and call it dinner. I know that conversations about food and eating can be challenging, but I have no doubt that they are some of the most foundational. The world, in it’s current ragged state, desperately needs us each to step up and offer our unique gifts but nothing dampens our light more than being undernourished.

How do we step out from behind self-sabotage and self-judgement? How do we let go of foods that numb and comfort us and instead actually feed our souls?

I believe that self-expression and self-love contribute enormously to health. I’ve inspired countless clients to treat themselves to only the best in their relationships, careers, and self-care. My favorite part of this work is when my clients start writing, dancing, drawing, and singing again.

I love to helping people radically transform their lives so that they can bring their own gifts forward. In my free time, I fuss over my houseplants, publish feminist rants, and cook lentils. I live in Denver, Colorado with my handsome partner and our plants babies, many pieces of art, and stringed instruments. Learn more about my personal and profession background here.



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