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Let's take the conversation about food, body-image, and self-love OUT of the shadows and into a warm loving container that is the Sisterhood of Self-Love.

This program pairs each applicant with a young woman who has completed at least six months of counseling with me, for the benefit of both.

SNAckfood for your soul

How often do we reach for sugar and snacks when what we really want is comfort? 

Next time you're craving something sweet, grab one of my workbooks instead.

These are the most foundational exercises that I lead every client through. Complete with guided meditations and journal prompts, these workbooks are designed to enliven and clarify you for your journey towards self-love.


Rekindle your love for yourself.

The compassion and understanding that are so easy to show for others can be difficult to turn on yourself. Rebuild this connection and negotiate moving, eating, and living choices with ease.

Express yourself to heal yourself.

Reconnect with your personal power and freedom of expression, and choose new ways of moving, eating, and relating to others and yourself. 

Use creativity and self-expression to heal yourself and promote self-respect.


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28 Days of Self-Love

Discover and cultivate love, respect, and compassion for yourself. 

Are you ready feel at home in your skin?

To express yourself freely with love, compassion, and honesty?

Would you like to sparkle and shine, no matter the weather or the outfit? Let's do it. 

A four-week course designed to rebuild your relationship with yourself from the ground up. You'll explore self-respect, intuition, self-care, and self-worth and gain a rock-solid foundation of love for yourself, upon which anything you want for your life can be built.

Take this course at your own pace and use the private Instagram page for support throughout.


Heal PMS, cramps, and other awful side-effects of having a uterus.

Do you feel like PMS rules your life? Have you been criticized for "over-sensitive" or "irrational"? Do you approach the week before your period with fear and anxiety?

It doesn't have to be like this. This course can help.

Having your period doesn't have to be a tearful, painful or irritating experience. 

In the Love Your Period e-course, we will go step by step through a series of exercises you can use to help you have a happier period. We'll learn about unorthodox but effective ways of managing our PMS, cramps and other symptoms. 


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