Color your future with gratitude and contentment. Let your true desires bubble up. Set your intentions, and ignite self-expression and passion. Cultivate luck, joy and creativity. Connect with nature on a working farm. If you're ready to create the life you love, 

This retreat is for you.

You can create the life you've dreamed of. This hands-on creative retreat is a weekend full of powerful and inspiring workshops that will reconnect your creativity, intuition, passion and curiosity at the beautiful McCauley Family Farms outside of Boulder, Colorado. 



In this peaceful setting, you'll learn how to listen deeply to your soul's whispers, set your course based on your true desires and create a life that inspires you to do your greatest work. Your body and soul will be stretched, nourished, deeply listened to and inspired. 

september 17th and 18th, 2016

McCauley Family Farms, 25 minutes outside of Boulder, Colorado

Women’s Creative Health Coach | Lily Calfee + Ideal Nourishment | Fermentation and Dream-Making Retreat

This is a retreat for women who want to spark their inner fire, expand their possibilities and reconnect to their true desires. Explore mindfulness, creativity, courage and self-expression throughout the weekend with workshops on cooking, fermenting, natural dyeing, yoga and mindfulness.  

Eat farm-fresh meals prepared by local chef and fermenter, Mara King

Sleep in the uniquely luxurious farmhouse at the beautiful and peaceful McCauley Family Farm

Cook with the freshest ingredients alongside Mara at the marble countertops of the McCauley Farm House.

Explore your dreams and desires with creative health coach Lily Calfee

Practice strength and openness in conscious, gentle and uplifting yoga classes with women's yoga teacher Kirsten Warner

Learn a style of intention setting that allows your truest desires to come forward 

Create your own fermented condiments in workshops with master fermenters Willow and Mara King

Forage for flowers to use in a natural dyeing workshop with textile designer and artist Edie Ure

Connect to the natural world, to a small group of wonderful women, to yourself. 

Join us for a weekend retreat celebrating natural food, art and fermentation! 

Reserve your spot today.

The Fermentation Process: An Allegory for Dream-Making

During our time together, we'll be using the fermentation process as an allegory for our own paths of self-awareness, growth and mindfulness. We'll explore this process by fermenting food, drinks, and natural dyes. We'll also do some metaphorical fermenting in yoga and writing workshops. Over the course of the weekend, you'll have many opportunities to apply these processes to your own life.


In bread-baking and kombucha-making, there are three cycles of fermentation. The first is the wild one, which you have limited control over—you just take what nature give you. A starter, called a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), grows on top of your previous batch of kombucha, forming out of whatever bacteria and yeast are floating through the liquid and the air.

This first fermentation is akin to our early life, our inherent traits and interests; all of the unique qualities we get from exactly where, when, and how we were born. This is when you gather the flowers that bloom nearby, or sit down on your yoga mat, head full of everything the day has given you. 


A well-intentioned human mixes up some tea, water, and sugar and floats the SCOBY on top. In this second fermentation, the natural bacterial and yeast in the SCOBY slowly go bonkers! As this mix sits for a few weeks, the SCOBY eats up all the sugar, burps out carbon dioxide, and you have a tasty fermented drink.

This stage is representative of a younger self: full of ideas, full of hope, exploring your inner world, mining for passion and curiosity in your heart. It takes intention, trust and patience to get to to this step later in life. This is when it counts to be clear and intentional, and then step back and trust the process.

Women’s Creative Health Coach | Lily Calfee + Ideal Nourishment | McCauley Family Farms


During this waiting period, Mara would remind me of the concept of practice... “checking in on our dreams often—skimming, sealing and adjusting to make sure our process does not get tainted by unwanted influences.” Every once in awhile, take a peek at your ferment and skim off any mold that has grown on the surface. Readjust your pose, or tweak the pH of your dye. Add a little lemon juice to your salad dressing, or make a small shift in your daily routine. 

Back to our kombucha: If you’ve been drinking the store-bought stuff, you’re going to be real disappointed if you had a sip of our kombucha right now... no bubbles! It takes more time and trust, baby! This is where the final ferment comes in.


For the third ferment, tightly bottle up that kombucha, and stick it in the fridge, or a chilly basement. Set a timer, ‘cause we’ll forget about it. Let it sit, all bottled up, for a few days. The bacteria will keep producing carbon dioxide, and the pressure from the bottle cap will force the gas into the liquid, making it bubbly!

This is you, years later, opening up that stained and tattered journal to read over your younger self's dreams. They’re here! They’re real, and you made them, but not by yourself. You put everything you had into making this life, and expected nature and the Universe to match you—an equal amount of ferocious action and loving trust into the process.

What will you create next?

Women’s Creative Health Coach | Lily Calfee + Ideal Nourishment | Edie Ure's Hand Dyed Pillow Cases

Here’s the hitch about making our dreams come true: we often don’t notice when it happens. By the time our dreams come true, we’ve moved on to new dreams. It takes time, patience, and trust in the process—just like fermenting!

As for our kind-hearted kombucha maker, she’s barely enjoyed a sip of her first batch before she’s preparing for the next round. She makes this drink for the pleasure of consuming it, but maybe more so for the pleasure of creating; for the opportunity to join hands with the natural world and plunge into a shared project. She makes this drink to be at the helm of her own experience, but to share it with forces wilder and larger than herself.

We can teach you how to make your dreams come to, and then make you promise to write in your journal, or pray to the heavens every day, and say to the Universe, “Thank you, thank you for this perfect home, for all the good hair days, for this job that lights me up, for this love that helps me grow. Thank you so, so much for all of it. More, please.”

This Weekend Retreat Features:

  • farm fresh meals prepared by local chef and fermenter, Mara King
  • fermentation workshops by master fermenters Willow and Mara King
  • natural dyeing workshops by textile designer and artist Edie Ure
  • dream-making workshops with creative health coach Lily Calfee
  • casual cooking workshops with the freshest ingredients and Mara King.
  • an luxurious overnight at the beautiful and peaceful McCauley Family Farm
  • conscious, gentle and uplifting yoga classes with women's yoga teacher Kirsten Warner
  • a dream-making guide, full of recipes, journal prompts and exercises to help you reconnect to your true desires
Women’s Creative Health Coach | Lily Calfee + Ideal Nourishment | The Farmhouse at McCauley Family Farms

McCauley Family Farms

McCauley Family Farms is located at the base of the Foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains outside of Boulder. Their 40 acre farm is irrigated with natural high mountain snow melt, integrates bio-dynamic practices, permaculture, and sustainable farming traditions.

They grow fruit, vegetables, herbs, medicines, flowers, chickens, eggs, sheep, and honey, while specializing in bio-regionally adapted seeds, underutilized native food species, and forgotten Old World cultivars.

The McCauley's aim to nourish our community while replenishing the soil. They hope that you will discover the same joy and passion for farming and food that we hold when you come out to taste the fruits of your efforts while you grow with McCauley Family Farms.

The farmhouse sleeps eight comfortably, and features a beautiful marble kitchen, screened-in porch and a stone patio with hot tub and fire pit. Each room looks out across the green fields towards the Flatirons. The unique architecture offers many spaces for gathering in community as well as small nooks to tuck away with a journal or book. 

We'll cook in the kitchen, dine on the patio, and eat food raised here by Marcus McCauley and his team.

The farm maintains an outdoor kitchen where we will be learning how to use natural dyes from Edie Ure.


Women’s Creative Health Coach | Lily Calfee + Ideal Nourishment | Edie Ure, Textile Designer

Edie Ure of Aizome Studios

Edie Ure has years of fashion and print design under her expertly dyed belt; she was a print designer for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Gap, Ulla Johnson, Ryan Roche, Urban Outfitters, Beams, Costume National and other international brands. She now runs a natural dyeing studio out of her Boulder home, where she hand dyes linen, silk, and velvet using dyes she has created from natural materials. See Edie's work, process and inspiration on her beautiful Instagram.

Edie will offer two workshops at our retreat, on natural dyeing and natural indigo Shibori. 

Women’s Creative Health Coach | Lily Calfee + Ideal Nourishment | Mara and Willow King of Ozuke Foods


Willow and Mara King of Ozuké Pickled Things

Mara and Willow King started making live, raw krauts and kim chi in their home kitchen. The results were so outrageously delicious that they instigated a magic carpet ride from home kitchen to dedicated factory, 8 full time employees and a pet forklift named King Tub.

Maybe it’s the probiotics themselves: working around the clock to bring us good health and vibrant awareness, maybe it’s the organic farmers and all the love they put into growing their produce, maybe it’s the fact that we live in a time that requires us to think more about what we are putting into our bodies and what we are giving back to the earth. Whatever it is, they love it and want to keep riding the wave of pickled goodness that has brought them this far.

Women’s Creative Health Coach | Lily Calfee + Ideal Nourishment | Lily Calfee, Creative Health Caoch

Lily Calfee of ideal nourishment

Lily Calfee has inspired countless women to treat themselves to only the best in their relationships, careers, and self-care. As a Creative Health Coach, she inspires her clients to find true health and start writing, dancing, drawing, and singing again. 

Through her time as a coach, Lily has become an expert on self-love, creativity and nourishment. She'll lead workshops on intuition, desire, intention-setting and self-compassion. 

Lily currently spends her time writing about the connection between creativity and self-love, and helping women radically transform their lives.

Kirsten Warner of Devi yoga for women

Kirsten's classes hold the paradox of being a sanctuary for restoration, renewal and inspiration while simultaneously being an alchemical cauldron for radical transformation. Her intention to help people come into more connection with their true selves

Rather than doing yoga to get flexible or perfect a pose, Kirsten will invite you to use your time on your mat to awaken your heart and align with the essence of who you are. Getting in touch with who you are beneath the story of your life, makes it possible for you to uncover  your innate vitality, happiness, inner strength and capacity for love. 

Kirsten currently leads women through yoga retreats and teacher trainings in India and Colorado. She leads advanced yoga teacher trainings in Prenatal and Women's yoga. You can learn more about her work at Devi Yoga for Women. 

Kirsten Warner of Devi Yoga Teacher Trainings

There are a wide variety of rooms available, ranging from a private suite with a king bed all the way to down to tent camping. Reserve your spot today.


Early Morning Light

On my twenty-fifth birthday, I wrote about my dream life. I’m a Virgo and a list-maker, so I broke my dream life into different categories: Romance, Career, Health, Body-Image, Spirituality, Finances, Home, Family, Fun. I filled a small notebook with everything I wanted for those parts of my life. Not wild fantasies of riding unicorns underwater, but really, truly what I wanted my life to look like.

A small, beautiful, sunny apartment in downtown Boulder. A simple, yet sturdy relationship with a man who is smart, creative, hilarious and loving. No side job—earning my living by my wits. I have only good hair days. (This is more about mindset than about my haircut. Love what you’ve got, Lil.) Confidence in and affection for my body. A deeply spiritual daily practice. To automatically contribute to a retirement account. To be in loving touch with my long-distance family and friends. Adventures (large and small) every day. 

Today, I have all of those things in my life. Did I sweat and hustle and make myself miserable trying to get there? Well, I admit to a fair amount of hustling, but no misery. Just a lot of introspection, mindfulness, practice and faith. This is a teachable-process, and we've created the perfect platform on which to learn. 


No, because I have more dreams, I have more plans, I have bigger ideas and want even more out of this one holy life. I’ve started in on the next round of Dream-Making. We'll teach you how to make your dreams come true—not the rainbow-unicorn kind, but the real juicy dreams that give you goosebumps when you get too close to them.

Join me and this soulful group of women to uncover your true desires and bring them forth. 

A women's weekend retreat featuring yoga, art, self-love and fermentation workshops.