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Women’s Creative Health Coach | Lily Calfee + Ideal Nourishment | Healthy Breakfast Experiment

Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

I’ve tried everything; nothing works. How will this work be different?

Counting calories is not inspiring, neither is dogma or guilt. Feeling great IS inspiring. I’ll help you figure out what makes you feel good, and then how to keep making inspired choices. We'll transform "self-discipline" into self-love, and you'll be amazed at what you can create.  

What if my doctor told me there's nothing I can do?

I've heard this one way too many times. "I just have to live with this, it’s not that bad." Your doctor may have told you that what you eat will not affect your condition, and the only solution is to take this or that drug for the rest of your life. That’s not the whole story. Everyone deserves to feel good, and often times drugs come with yucky side-effects. You don’t have to live with this forever. There are simple changes you can make to feel so much better.

Counseling is so expensive! How much do you charge?

Simply put, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. While working with me, you’ll learn how to truly feed and care for yourself, and this will save you money in three ways:

  1. You’ll spend less on take-out, shopping, afternoon pick-me-ups, and in bars. You’ll learn how to truly feed yourself and stop numbing out with with junk food, Netflix, and impulse buys.

  2. You’ll spend less on vitamins, weight-loss programs and miracle skin/hair/nail care formulas, because you’ll only take supplements that you really need and the rest will happen naturally as a result of a healthier and happier you.

  3. You’ll save on medical expenses down the road. Taking better care of yourself will keep you healthier in the short term (flu season, schmu season) and in the long term.

I generally work with clients in three-month packages that range in price from $450 to $1200. I offer a student discount and other specials, please get in touch with questions.  

What do you call the work you do?

My work is spread across many realms. Technically, I'm a Health Coach, certified by the AADP. I’m also a trained Indoor Plant Technician and a Self-Love Specialist. I'm sure you've experienced how you're more productive when you are happy, happier when you're healthier and healthier when you're more productive. So really, it’s all connected. At my core, I’m a guide and a mentor. Let’s work a little alchemy, and set you up to make your own magic happen. (Learn more about my background on my bio page.)

How much effort will it be for me to change my habits?

Obviously transforming your life isn't simple, otherwise you would have done it already, and you wouldn't be scouring the web looking for solutions. I don’t believe in diets, deprivation, or willpower. We’ll make small changes and substitutions that feel sustainable to you. These changes will require a change in thinking but will not require you to throw out everything in your kitchen and start over. If you're ready to step up and resume creating your own life, schedule your complimentary call today.

How can this work benefit me? What are the long term results?

To read reviews from real clients, head over and check out my page of Praise. The long term benefits of this work are increased energy, joy, vitality and love in your life. You will experience confidence in yourself and in the choices you make. This work can improve your relationships, your career, and your engagement in the world around you.

Specific result from real clients include:

  • Sleep through the night; wake up refreshed

  • Completely enjoy the experience of eating

  • Clear adult acne and eczema

  • Clear caffeine and sugar addiction

  • Let go of relationships that drain your energy

  • Take back creative control in your whole life

  • Less bloating and brain fog

  • More tolerable menstrual cycles; less cramping and pain.

  • More stable and positive mood.

  • Less emotional eating, bingeing and cravings

  • More in tune with my body

  • More love and compassion for my body

  • Less fear of my subconscious thoughts; more willing to feel my feelings.

  • Better self-image and self-confidence

  • More empowered in my choices of food, relationships, career, etc.

Are there any risks to working with Lily?

This work is inherently safe. We will make small, sustainable changes that will build up to your optimal wellbeing. Some foods and supplements may disagree with you at first, but we will fine-tune your diet so that you feel your best. It is important to understand that I am not a medical doctor, and it is important to check with your physician before making any serious changes to your diet or exercise routine.

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