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Get Clear Retreat

You wake up refreshed, knowing what you need to do for the day and believing you have plenty of time to accomplish what’s important.  You unapologetically take time for yourself, doing what you need to do for you and your business with joy, patience, and passion.  

You open your email and handle your day with clarity and purpose, knowing that you’re serving people who need you, doing work you love.  Your passion and confidence are unwavering, even in the face of your buzzing phone, your loaded inbox, and your busy schedule.  

This is the way your business should work.


If you are working really hard on your business, but you’re just not getting clients in the door …

If you’re struggling to find balance in the overwhelm …

If you have trouble enjoying your limited time off, always thinking about what needs to get done …

This retreat can help.

Here’s the thing: You ARE your business.  You can live in resistance and work hard endlessly, or you can live in clarity and allow your passions and pleasures to flow forward.

We have created the ultimate retreat for you and your business. You will become more effective at your work and rest. You will be fulfilled and energized by your work.  You will love what you do, and your business (and clients) will love you back.

Marketing and sales can be fun, easy, and sustainable.
We’ll show you how on this amazing 4-day retreat.

How it Works:  

What is Get Clear?

Since 2006, I’ve been building websites for small business owners.  In that time, I’ve learned that most businesses struggle–not because they don’t have the right Twitter strategy or business card design, but because the entrepreneur herself has blocks around fear and shame.

These can look like doubts around self-worth, being seen, fearing being judged, not feeling like expert enough, problems with receiving money and praise, etc.  It’s rarely as simple as just getting more clients in the door.

So I’ve developed a process designed to gently and lovingly help you Get Clear around what you most love about what you do, why you love it, and who you’re here to serve with it.  It’s a roadmap back to yourself.  From this place, marketing, sales and every aspect of your business get easier and more fulfilling.

Adding in Nourishment and Body Awareness …

And now, I’ve built a rejuvenating retreat experience around my process, set in beautiful hot springs of Colorado, and I’ve enlisted an incredibly knowledgeable and self-aware nourishment expert to nourish us and inspire our own self-care.  Meals will be lovingly planned and prepared by nutrition expert and body guru, Lily Calfee.

Yoga and Taking Action

And while clarity is a gift, the real juice comes from taking action on that clarity.  So once we begin to Get Clear on what we need to do in our businesses, we’re going to take it to the mat, and I’m going to bring my years of dance and yoga instruction to solidify what we’re learning.  We will stretch.  We will sweat.  We will transform.  So, what you take home won’t just be a bunch of notes and goals, but will be a visceral experience in your body.


What you’ll get:

A four day, all-inclusive retreat at Joyful Journeys Hot Springs Resort.

Workshops with visionary business coach and web guru, Diane Whiddon, including her signature Get Clear program.

Yoga, meditation and intuitive movement to integrate and support your new growth, and integrate the changes you’re creating for your business.

Intimate cooking classes and mindfulness workshops with transformative healer and therapeutic chef, Lily Calfee.

A workbook full of actionable steps to carry your new-found clarity and passion into your daily life.

We’ll use a beautiful and peaceful setting as the foundation for creating your ideal business, career, and life! We will take you through a empowering curriculum of business workshops, each one bringing your efficiency and ease at work to a higher level. We will support you throughout the retreat with food, movement and meditation that will contribute to your elevated self-knowledge and love. You will leave feeling grounded and inspired by the work you love to do.


The cost of the retreat is $799 for single occupancy, or $549 for double occupancy.


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Who We Are: 

I’m Diane Whiddon, owner of Novel Website Design where my team and I have been building websites, making small businesses bigger, and helping our clients build passive income streams since 2006.


Lily Calfee studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods.  Now, she helps her clients heal their IBS, Colitis, Anxiety and Depression using a holistic approach she has fine-tuned over the last few years. Most often, digestive and emotional distress come hand-in-hand, and can be healed with a change in diet and a change in your relationship with yourself.


Testimonials for Diane and the Get Clear Process

“I came to the Getting Clear workshop not having many expectations if only because I wasn’t sure what the scope would cover. That said, I was completely blown away. Diane gave an entirely new and eye-opening perspective that truly resonated with me and how I operate and think through things. She really seem 100% engaged with everyone sitting in the group, and her ideas, while sometimes focused on one individual, were transferable and permeable to the whole group. I have since made a conscious effort to shift how I think about my business and that has made a profound effect on how I build content and create ideas for my business in the future. I’m looking forward to following her workshops this year!”

– Jessica Johnson, Body in Mind Massage

“Diane is not only a social marketing genius and a business guru, she’s also an incredibly genuine, funny, and inspirational person to work with… It wasn’t simply the fact that Diane is an effective business woman, it was also that she helped me to finally comprehend that running my own business effectively and successfully was entirely possible– and doing anything other than what I truly wanted to was, simply put, a waste of my talent, energy and time… I’m incredibly happy with her services, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life regarding their small business goals, following their dreams, and doing what they’re actually meant to be doing in life.”

– Artist Heidi Keyes

Testimonials for Lily and Ideal Nourishment

“I now have ways to describe the “hunger” that I’m feeling. I’ll surprise myself sometimes and not be hungry when I’m really working on something I love and feeling really supported in it… Conversely, I can now clearly identify the other type of “hunger” that is my craving for being loved, being appreciated, for being with others. You are amazing!”


“Lily creates a safe, open space for women to share their lives, talk about how to create happiness and support each other. Lily has lots of great exercises that make it easy to reflect on the current state of your life, identify areas in which you want to improve, and discuss how to go about that. She uses a combination of guided exercises and open discussion, giving the group enough structure to make progress, but making it flexible enough to meet everyone’s needs. I can’t wait to keep creating happiness in 2015 with Lily’s help!”


Is This For Me?

This is a working retreat: If you want to spend a weekend just chilling in hot springs, you probably won’t like this retreat. We’re going to bring it. You’ll find clarity in your business by doing some deep work. We’ll balance it with some pampering and nourishment, but make no mistake, this is a working retreat.

You will learn so much here: you will get up early, you will sweat, you will do exercises, you will write copy, you will make lists, you will set goals. This will be some of the most productive time you’ve spent on your business all year.

Getting clearer on what your blocks are, how to overcome them, and what your marketing and sales strategy can be is one of the best things you can do for your business.

Plus, there are hot springs. And Lily promises cheesecake.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 6 Business Coaching Workshops with Diane’s Get Clear process, valued at $1,600
  • 8 handmade nutritious meals, valued at an average of $15 each: $120
  • 6 yoga and meditation classes, valued at $20 each: $120
  • 3 nights at a hot springs resort, valued at $600
  • Total Value: $2,440

Come with your laptop and be prepared to get some good things done for your business!

If you are scared or confused AND ready to go to work on your business, we look forward to sharing this experience with you!

Risk-free Money Back Guarantee

We are excited to share our work with you, and confident that attending this retreat will create leaps and bounds in your success and fulfillment at work. If you are not completely satisfied with our work together, we guarantee a 100% refund. You must show that you have completed the workbook, attended all sessions and implemented our recommendations.


Become more effective in your business.

Get clear on what you are here to create.

Get a marketing plan that feels fun and easy.

Engage in sustainable self-care that supports your whole life.


Early bird prices till July 1!

$799 for single occupancy, or $549 for double occupancy

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Earlier Event: September 30
Lunch Bunch