Why Creativity is Vital to Your Health: a Workbook

Why Creativity is Vital to Your Health: a Workbook

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Many of us have a belief that we’re powerless in our own lives. Maybe we can affect some change, but there are circumstances of our lives that are never going to change. That’s okay—it’s not wrong to feel that way. My friends and clients often say to me, “If I could just make myself ____________, I would be all set.” 

This sense of powerlessness is a lack of agency, the inability to be a change agent in our own lives. This is victimhood, and many of us have been stuck in the victim mindset for so long that we have forgotten that there is an alternative. 


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We’ve been conditioned and socialized to think we hold little or no sway in our own lives. Without the ability to change my actions, I am a victim of my own self-sabotaging habits. 

This is where creativity comes in.

With creativity, I have the opportunity to think outside the box and make a different choice than the one that I’ve been making every day for 30 years. Instead of making the easy, simple, or comfortable choice, we can exercise a small amount of creativity and improve our health. It may take a little extra energy and intention, but making these small changes can add so much to our lives!

What would it look like to creatively approach breakfast?

Maybe it’s as simple as adding spinach to your fruity smoothie. Or maybe you can take on experimenting, and find a breakfast that actually makes you feel your best.

Getting creative with your food, finances, relationships, wardrobe, or spirituality can hugely benefit your health and happiness. You can bring humor, vulnerability, and attention to areas that have been on autopilot. I encourage you to start small, and think of it as “practice” rather than something to succeed or fail at.


I have always had trouble sticking to healthy habits. This workbook helped me reconnect my goals to my true desires and made healthy habits feel playful rather than restrictive! This book sparked my creativity in a way that gave my everyday experience way more juice!
— S.F.
When I’m out of practice, it’s a little bit daunting to imagine starting a creative endeavor from scratch. This workbook helped jumpstart some interesting things in my brain, and I’ll follow through with some of the ideas I’ve been putting aside.
— Brooke L.
This workbook was supportive and intuitive to use. I felt like you were there with me the whole way.I loved the prompts, especially the one about trusting the universe! Your workbooks have a wonderful balance of spirit and earthy-ness.
— B.M.

Your Guide, Lily Calfee

Self-Love and Nutrition Strategist

Lily Calfee, Self-Love Coach and Nutrition Strategist

Lily Calfee believes that self-expression and self-love contribute enormously to health. She has inspired countless women to treat themselves to only the best in their relationships, careers, and self-care. She organizes retreats, workshops, and cooking classes and motivates her clients to start writing, dancing, drawing, and singing again.

Lily currently spends her time writing about the connection between creativity and self-love, and helping women radically transform their lives so that they can bring their own gifts forward.

I find that the connection between creativity, self-expression, self-respect, and health is undeniable, but not always easy to explain. This is one of the most powerful tools I offer my clients and I’m thrilled to offer it to you! Go slow and get curious about what resources the Universe has available for you.
— Lily