Intro to Self-Love Workbook

Intro to Self-Love Workbook

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Most of my clients find me after years (if not decades) of talking down to themselves.

Dahlia looked at me across my desk, her face a mixture of frustration and grief. “I understand that is important for me to love myself. I see the benefit that I could gain from it, but how do I do it?

"How do I start loving myself?”

This question gets to the very root of the work I do with my clients. It is one thing to want to care for yourself; to eat well, to allow yourself quality sleep, to think kindly of yourself, but it can feel impossible to start thinking like that.

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Self-love is not a dot on the horizon that you will never reach.

There is a path out of the spiral of negative self-talk.

Building your relationship with yourself takes patience and commitment. Much like making a new friend, you will not love yourself overnight. There will be moments when you feel like you’re faking it, but there will also be moments of sparkly wonder and joy, a respite from the cyclone of self-criticism. This workbook will give you a practical strategy for reconnecting to the love you feel for yourself. You will be able to use this exercise again and again, any time you feel swamped by self-doubt or criticism. 

How would it feel to eat with self-love? To move with self-love?

Imagine what your day would look like if self-love was your guided compass. What might you give up, in order to make space for your priorities? What might you make time for that you have been avoiding. For me, self-love grows exponentially. Small actions that seem meaningless can snowball into tangible changes. One morning, I'm just drinking lemon water and meditating for five minutes and the next it's easier for me to praise my body and my mind. 

The goal of this workbook is to reintroduce you to your self-love: compassion and understanding that is so easy to show to others, but difficult to turn on yourself. I’ll guide you through exercises, meditations, and journal prompts that will nurture the self-acceptance and love that we were all born with.

Using this loving connection with yourself, you will be able to negotiate moving, eating and living choices with ease and spaciousness.

Here’s what folks have to say after using this workbook:

I realized that working out is not about getting skinny, it is about learning to practice self-love which often times means slowing down and listening to what my body really needs.
— C.F.
I now have a lot more love and patience for myself. Instead of feeling like a failure if I slip up with my eating habits, I accept my feelings of panic or disappointment don’t dwell on them!
— B.P.


Lily Calfee, Self-Love and Nutrition Strategist

Nutritionist and Self-Love Strategist

Lily believes that self-expression and self-love contribute enormously to health. She has inspired countless women to treat themselves to only the best in their relationships, careers, and self-care. She organizes retreats, workshops, and cooking classes and motivates her clients to start writing, dancing, drawing, and singing again.

Lily currently spends her time writing about the connection between creativity and self-love, and helping women radically transform their lives so that they can bring their own gifts forward.

'An Introduction to Self-Love' workbook is perfect for you if:

  • You're looking to start your self-love journey and want some gentle guidance along the way.

  • You've been nurturing your self-love but could use a little booster shot.

  • You understand that self-love would be beneficial, but don't know where to start. 

For more immersive guidance in self-love, check out my month-long self-love course or schedule a call to learn more about 1:1 coaching.