Why My Clients Come to Me

Are you exhausted, anxious or confused about how to care for yourself?

Whatever you’re dealing with, there is someone out there who can help. These testimonials from my past clients can help you decide if I’m the coach to help you move past shame, guilt, or fear related to your body.

"I felt a general lack of control...and a lot of guilt around ‘binge’ eating. 

"I felt a general lack of control around eating—eating when I wasn’t hungry and having a hard time stopping. Sugar was the hardest to resist—I would eat large amounts, often at work where I would snack on goods from the bakery.I felt a lot of guilt around ‘binge’ eating. I would put myself down and feel physically ill the next day. It would put me in a bad mood. I found myself in too many tempting situations where I could not control myself: work, parties, my own pantry! I kept buying tempting bulk foods, even though I knew I would eat them in one sitting.”

“I had a general dearth of happiness, terrible self-image, and a major stress eating problem.”

“I hated myself." 

“I hated myself. Hate might seem like a strong word, but I was disgusted with myself—the choices I made, the foods I ate, my lack of willpower. And I thought all the time, “I’m disgusting, I’m worthless, I don’t know why anyone loves me. I’m sure they would love me so much more if I were smarter and more productive.”

“I've struggled with bulimia for fifteen years and was mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted."

“I've struggled with bulimia for fifteen years. Most of my life I was in denial of this fact, but I really noticed that I had lost control, and was feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. My creative life would come to an infuriating standstill whenever I went through one of these deep valleys.”

“I had food intolerances that I would blatantly ignore."

“I had food intolerances that I would blatantly ignore and make myself sick. I yo-yo’d between strict periods of eating only ‘healthy’ foods, and consciously vindictive periods when I would binge on donuts, cookies and pizza.”

"I needed to untangle my feelings of worthlessness before I started building my business.”

“I was trying to start my first business, and every attempt I made to grow triggered the sh*t out of my ‘I’m not good enough’ story. I felt paralyzed by fear and shame, and it was affecting my work and relationships. I needed to untangle my feelings of worthlessness before I started building my business.”

“I’ve uncovered several serious food allergies, and feel totally stupefied…" 

“I’ve uncovered several serious food allergies, and feel totally stupefied by them. I feel like I don’t know how to eat or cook or care for myself. I need someone to teach me basic strategies to care for myself. I need to learn what ‘self-love’ means.”

“I felt bloated all the time." 

“I felt bloated all the time. I had been diagnosed with IBS, but nothing I tried seemed to make a difference. I spent so much time studying nutrition that I was totally turned around and confused by conflicting theories. It never occurred to me that mindfulness and self-love could transform my digestion.”

“I was severely overweight...anxious and exhausted all the time."

“I was severely overweight, and was starting to develop other signs that my digestions wasn’t working. I was anxious and exhausted all the time. Sugar gave me the energy I needed to get through the day. It never occurred to me that how I thought could so dramatically effect how I feel, or that the foods I ate might be contributing to my anxiety.”

What do these women have in common? Oftentimes, it’s a general sense of being dissatisfied and unhappy. Sometimes this shows up as indigestion, eczema, headaches, or anxiety, but many women have been taught that those symptoms are just part of life. Most women wait to come to me until they’re really unhappy—but they could have saved themselves months or years of trouble by calling me when they first felt something was off with their health or happiness.  

The women who come to me intuitively know that their health and happiness are connected.

The women who come to me intuitively know that their health and happiness are connected, and they sense that the way they feel and the way they eat have a strong effect on each other. They have tried different diets and workout routines, but have struggled to maintain consistency; it’s one thing to dive into a new routine with the energy of a beginner, but it’s another thing entirely to maintain consistent healthy habits on your own.

These women—intuitive, creative, and unsatisfied—call me when they want to make a change, to fine-tune their diet and lifestyle, and they are ready to commit to finding what works for them.

If you are struggling with any of the following, please give me a call to schedule a free consultation.

  • Feeling guilty around “binge” eating.

  • Feeling out of control around snack foods.

  • Eating when you are stressed out or unhappy.

  • Negative self-image or self-talk.

  • Feeling mentally or physically exhausted.

  • Food intolerances that leave you confused or overwhelmed.

  • Self-sabotaging habits, like eating foods that make you feel ill.

  • Feel paralyzed in your work or relationships by stories like “I’m not good enough.”

  • Feel bloated, sluggish, or anxious.

  • Confusion or overwhelm from conflicting nutrition advice.

  • Adrenal fatigue or prediabetes diagnosis.  

If any of these ring true for you, please schedule your free consultation to learn if I’m the one to work with you.