What to Do When You Don't Feel Like Doing Anything

Learning to heal my body set me on a path that led to creating my dream job and life. Of course, we will all have many opportunities to get sick, heal and recreate ourselves. If you feel stuck, stagnant, or just not quite yourself after being sick, experiment with seeing this a creative opportunity.

When you have a setback, whether it’s in your health, job, or relationship, you have to go back to your foundation. Not only to get back on track but to achieve more satisfaction in your life than perhaps you thought possible.

If you feel depleted, run-down, or sick, there’s no way you will be able to access the clarity—let alone the creativity—that you need to do good work. Hence, your first priority in this place of vulnerability is to heal yourself. Set up some bone broth in the crockpot and lie down on your couch with a cup of tea and your journal. (Or get quick and easy bone broth here.) What do you need to heal? Spend some time journaling and see what shows up.

Rest is the most vital part of healing.

Rest your body with lots of sleep and some extra naps. Rest your digestive tract with simple steamed vegetables and bone broth. Rest your mind by taking space from stressful relationships and situations. Until your body and mind are well, give yourself time off of striving for articulacy and creative juices.

You may also take this healing time as an opportunity to look into what has led to the depletion of your health. Louise Hay has some great resources for uncovering thought patterns that can lead to physical disease.

Illness and the process of healing both create space for things we did not think to be possible. After recovering from disease, I often notice a clarity around my values and priorities in life. Take time after you have physically recovered to explore and write about what you have uncovered through your healing.

Spend some time getting clear before you dive into creation.

Rexamine what qualities are most important to you in life, and what values that you would like to express more of. Can you confidently state your purpose in this phase of your life? Maybe not what your purpose has been, but what you really hope to stand for. Connect with people who need who you are now, and who will benefit from what you do.

From this place of inner purpose and power, you will be able to create again.

Did these strategies work for you? Let me know your thoughts and experience in the comments below.