Tough (Self) Love

If your work is the most important thing in your life right now, begin to experiment with seeing your self-care as part of your job. My life is my work, and my work is my life. After years of trying to be self-less, my work AND my life were faltering. My energetic boundaries were a mirage! I let everyone run me over, especially those whom I cared about the most. I felt drained and uninspired, and no wonder—I never refilled my own cup.

To get my happiness and productivity back, I needed to make me-time a priority. Nowadays, self-care activities are on the same calendar as clients and important meetings, because they are just as vital to my success.

Practicing yoga is an important part of my job because:

  1. It gives me access to the insight and wisdom of yogic philosophy.

  2. It is a physical reminder that I possess a human body with strength, flexibility, and balance.

  3. It encourages me to spend an hour doing a rare, valuable task: breathing very deeply.

Creative writing, poetry and my journal are important parts of my job because:

  1. They push me out of my comfort zone, on a very safe playground.

  2. They silence my inner critic and encourage me to let loose.

  3. They contain the seeds for every post, article, and exercise that I write at work.

Drawing, cooking and getting dressed up are important parts of my job because:

  1. They build up my creativity muscle, which is where all the good ideas come from.

  2. They encourage me to fly by the seat of my pants and get goofy.

  3. They remind me that I am an artist.

We hear this all the time: “I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been able to get to yoga class/go to bed early/pack my lunch/write in my journal/go for a walk/see my friend....”

When the going gets tough, our self-care goes out the window.

At its root, this indifference is a lack of self-love; you are saying to yourself (and the Universe), “I’m not that important, so it’s okay if I don’t get enough sleep or me-time. What’s most important is ___________.”

What IS so important? Truly, what’s more important than your well-being? These questions might seem selfish—but where would your priorities be without you?

Once you realize that your well-being is at the core of each of your projects, think about what it would take to have you feeling and doing great!

Do you need more movement and fun?

Stillness and breath work? Peace and playfulness? Spend some time discovering what you need, and how you can infuse your life with these qualities.

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