Positive Thought: Two

So where were we? Cold sweating and achy in Prague, oh right. 

Now, usually, my reaction to this would be “Oh dang it! This stinks, I’m getting sick, I’m in this cool city and I’m probably going to be out for days,  I’m going to miss all of this cool stuff, and this is really just the worst!”

I tried something different this time. I said to myself, “Wow, Body, I really mis-used you last week and you must be so worn out. All of that cheese, and all of this traveling, I bet you just really need a rest. So don’t worry about it, take all the time you need to recover.” I decided to use everything I had to heal myself; mainly my mind, and my body itself.

We had a really simple and nourishing dinner of meat, gravy, potatoes, and sauerkraut, and I skipped anything that might make me feel worse; bread, cheese (for sure), beer and dessert. The whole time I kept reminding my body how grateful I was for all of the work it had done. I slept for 16 hours that night.

When I woke the next afternoon, my fever was gone, and I thought “Wow, Body! I guess you really needed that rest! What else do you need?” Stretching felt really good, so I lay in bed for another hour and stretched out my legs, arms and back. By about 2 pm I had enough energy to get out of bed, and I went for a short walk and had a cup of tea. I sat still and meditated, imagining my white blood cells cleaning out the infection, and all of the red, swollen tissue in my throat returning to a healthy pink.

I spent the evening reading my book and was in bed by nine. I slept for another fourteen hours. I did my little routine again the next morning: stretching and breathing deeply, going for a little walk, and meditating. I told myself “Look how much better you are feeling! You are doing a great job at healing yourself, but don’t worry, you can still take as much time as you need.”

Before I even opened my eyes on Day 3, I knew two things: it was definitely still morning, and I felt better! Just to be safe, I followed the same routine and took it pretty easy that day. I was still avoiding trigger foods like bread, dairy, sugar, and alcohol.

On Day 4 I was feeling 95%, and by Day 5, I was ready to sample Prague’s excellent beer selection!

This all goes to say what a huge difference positive self-talk makes, as well as visualization and listening to your body. Check back tomorrow for some specific how-tos.