Not Quite a Nutritionist, Not Quite a Psychologist

I'm always trying to figure out the right way to talk about what I do. People often introduce me as a Nutritionist or a Counselor, and truth is, I'm not quite either.  

Nutritionists tend to think it’s all about the food.

Which it is...And it isn’t.

Your relationship with food is a reflection of how you care for yourself throughout all areas of your life. The way we feed ourselves often parallels how we care for ourselves in general. If you eat quickly and shamefully, it's likely that you skip over and apologize for your other needs. Do you notice yourself eating out of the refrigerator standing up? Tell me about it.

To heal the way we care for ourselves, there is inner and outer work. Inner work means getting to know yourself in a way that brings you into a more intimate and intuitive relationship with your Self. This could mean meditating, introspective journalling, or just sitting down to get clear on what you really want. What is that for you? Can you do some of it every day?

There are outward actions that you can explore as well. Experiment with changing the way you eat and move, and notice what changes in your physical experience. For example, how does your body feel when you are eating greens with every meal?How about drinking a huge glass of water after waking up? What does it feel like in your body when you are exercising every day?

Like I said, it's all about your food. And, it isn't. 

Psychologists tend to think that it’s all about the inner work.

Which, again, it is and it isn’t.

I spoke to a client today who just started some new supplements and she isn’t sure if her new energy and restful sleep are from the supplements, or from the choice to intentionally care for her energy levels. The truth is, it’s both! When you make the outer choice to take on a new healthy habit, you shift your inner dialogue about how valuable you are. You start making tiny changes to value your energy and health, and the cumulative effect is healing.  

You make those outer choices we were talking about (eating greens, drinking water, moving everyday) and in addition to feeling differently physically,  you start to feel mentally and emotionally different. You mind learns that "yourself" must be a valuable thing, since you are taking these actions to care for it. And since the way you do anything is the way you do everything, you start taking care of yourself with the other small (and huge) choices you make throughout your day.

Love this stuff? Want more?

I've got you covered. Check out my Intro to Intuition workbook to learn how to reconnect to your intuition and let her guide your eating and moving.