My Favorite Clients: Real Women

At first, my women I work with look like a diverse bunch:

  • An engineer who practices pole dancing and calligraphy in her free time, when she’s not remodeling her house with her husband.

  • A young yoga teacher with a passion for outdoor education and vegetarian cuisine.

  • A stylish C-suite business and leadership consultant who grows more tomatoes than an Italian grandmother.

  • A senior in college who just returned from a semester in Copenhagen, is about to graduate in psychology AND business, and hopes to go on to study naturopathy.

  • A musician and poet studying Library Sciences and raising chickens.

So what do all of these women have in common?

They are open-hearted, sensitive, and brave, and realize that creativity is a form of self-care. My favorite clients take on projects, and putter around the house or garden. They cultivate self-awareness and practice introspection; they value time alone with themselves. These women have struggled to find balance and have often pushed themselves to create “success” at the cost of their inner peace. They want more from their lives than just a nine-to-five job and a white picket fence.

They value their health and the freedom that comes with a healthy body. These women believe that they have the power to improve their health and their lives, and they know that more is possible for them. They are willing to explore different ways of being in order to find the way that works best for them. They are ready to make changes to their daily life in order to gain health and happiness. They’re exploring what else life can be about, and what impact they can have on the world.

These women have been socialized to believe they are not enough

These women have been socialized to believe they are not enough—just as we all have. They’ve seen the media that encourages them to be thinner, blonder, and more polite, but the voice in their head dares them to rebel—to be a large presence in the world, to have a strong, healthy body rather than just a skinny one.

These women have taken supplements, signed up for yoga memberships, done cleanses, and given up caffeine. They’ve made all kinds of “improvements” in the past, but none of these changes have been sustainable. Some of them found themselves halfway through a jar of peanut butter or a pack of Oreos, not sure how they got there. They’ve made late night treks for gummy bears or ice cream. Possibly, they've ended up with belly aches, headaches, or falling asleep at their desk, and felt guilty for putting themselves in that place. These women have tried to do good for themselves and still ended up making choices they regretted, feeling defeated and ashamed.

And eventually, they all find me—through a friend or through the internet, each of these women have sat down across from me and opened their hearts. They’ve come to me looking to lose weight, get their period back, or recover from serious fatigue or anxiety. They have come to me for answers about what to eat or how to move, and have instead found those answers inside themselves. These women are my ideal clients.

Who's not a good fit

When I first started coaching, it was easy for me to say who I work with—women. All ages, all interests. But there are women who are not a good fit for me, and this includes those who:

  • Want to count calories or stick to a pre-fab meal plan.

  • Are looking for a pill to solve their problems.

  • Are unwilling to take responsibility for their choices.

  • Feel like victims of their circumstances.

  • Are uninterested in getting in touch with their emotional/spiritual side.

  • Are unwilling to prioritize their health and happiness.

  • Feel uninterested in making small changes in their lifestyle.

  • Are unwilling to spend their time and resources healing themselves.

These women are not my ideal clients, and they rarely get a lot out of working with me. I am happy to refer these clients to my fellow wellness practitioners.

I love to work with women who are sensitive to their own needs, willing to make small changes in their lifestyle, and open to radically transforming their lives, health, and happiness. Schedule a free discovery session to find out if we're a good fit.