​​Meal Planning for Dummies, Foodies, and Very Busy People

Let me be clear: the dummy mentioned in the title is me. Ask my father, any of my professors, or anyone who's ever lived with me, and they will tell you I am not an innately efficient human being. I am a contemplative collector who enjoys the small moments—and the not-so-small moments. I rarely move with the speed and efficiency so common in my generation.

In my natural state, I would spend more than 40 minutes making each meal and never grab a quick salad to eat at my desk while working. I work from home, so I do actually have the privilege of spending 40 minutes making each meal if I want to. I’ve even caught myself procrastinating by cooking! Scary deadline coming up? What a great time to make beef bourguignon and spend three hours in the kitchen.


I have survived thus far because I am good at making rules for myself and sticking to my routine. All we can do is do our best; that's what I tell myself. Any trace of productivity that you witness in me is merely a result being a good rule follower—as long as I’m the one who's making the rules in the first place...

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