Love Your Period

Do you feel like PMS rules your life? 

Have you ever told a friend "I hate my period! I wish I was a boy."

Have you been told you are "over-sensitive" or "irrational"?

Do you approach the week before your period with fear and anxiety?

It doesn't have to be like this. This workshop can help. Having your period doesn't have to be a tearful, painful or irritating experience. There is another way!

In the Love Your Period workshop, we will go step by step through a series of experiments you can use to help you have a happier period. We'll learn about unorthodox but effective ways of managing our PMS, cramps and other symptoms. 

We'll focus on the mental and emotional aspects of your menstrual cycle, and how you can use mindfulness, mantras and attention to have a more pleasant period. You will leave practices that will bring you towards a more calm, comfortable and peaceful period. 

We'll learn how emotional and physical toxins can exacerbate premenstrual symptoms. It doesn't matter if you had a green smoothie or a McMuffin for breakfast before you come, you'll leave with detox steps that will fit into your life today. 

We'll explore how cardio exercise, mediation, stretching and sleep can all support a more pleasant period. You'll learn how to time your heart-pumping workout and when it's okay to just stretch out for a while

We'll talk about which supplements can support different symptoms, and when it's important to take them. (Hint: It's not everyday!) We'll also discuss working with outside support, when you're doing all the right things and it's not getting better. 


“Lily creates a safe, open space for women to share their lives, talk about how to create happiness and support each other. She uses a combination of guided exercises and open discussion, giving the group enough structure to make progress, but making it flexible enough to meet everyone’s needs. Lily makes it easy to reflect on the current state of your life, identify areas in which you want to improve, and discuss how to go about that.”— Kealy
“As I sit alone in my house, cherishing the open space and time that I have instead of trying to cover up emotions and feelings, I think of the journey that Lily has helped me through. Through exercises, projects, and just a listening ear, Lily helped me cure myself of self-inflicted (dis)ease so I can feel radiant and unapologetically proud of who I am and what I have to offer the world.”— Mia

You might have objections like:

  • "Everyone has period cramps and PMS. Are you saying there's something wrong with me?"

First, you are perfect and complete and loved. We've been taught that this is just what women have to deal with every month and that's not the whole story. It is possible to experience a more pleasant period. 

  • "It's always been like this. A few mediation exercises aren't going to change anything."

If you could experience your ideal menstrual cycle, what would it be like? Painless? Free from anxiety? You can create that with subtle diet and lifestyle changes. 

  • "Yuck, periods! Who would want to talk about that for an hour and a half!?!"

Hear that, right there? That's what women are taught; that our periods are gross, annoying and taboo. Let's change the stereotype! Let's create a world where our daughters grow up knowing that every month they get a physical reminder that they are the cradle of life. Are you willing to be the catalyst for that change?

Who this workshop isn't for:

If you are committed to using Advil, coffee, and pints of ice-cream to survive your period for the rest of your life, this workshop is not for you. If you honestly believe that your periods aren't that bad, and you don't see any reason to make a change, this workshop is not for you.

If you are sick of feeling crazy, crampy and bloated every month, this workshop is for you. If you are scared of leaving home without Advil but open to experimenting, this workshop is for you!

I am excited to share my work with you, and confident that attending this workshop series will create a sensation of peace and freedom surrounding your period. If you are not completely satisfied with our work together, I guarantee a 100% refund. You must show that you have completed the workbook, attended all sessions and implemented my recommendations.

Ready to start loving your period?