How to Set Inspiring Intentions—And Reach them

To start setting your inspiring intentions begin with a list of 25 things you want to do this year. Leave a few lines between each item on the list.

After each goal, quickly note why you want said item. Example:

Join a garden club—to make more friends and have time in the dirt.

Get 8 hours of sleep—to have more energy for the day.

Fill out your whole list of goals with a “why.” Then go back to the beginning and ask why again, and again, until you get down to the heart of the matter: how you want to feel. For example,

Join a garden club—to make more friends and have time in the dirt—to feel more connected to people and the earth.

After doing this for each of your goals, you might notice a few themes. Most of your goals are pointing towards feeling a few specific ways, like “connected, present, alive,” or “electric, open, free,” or whatever else comes through for you.

Your True Inspiring Intentions

inspiring intentions

I propose that feeling those feelings is your true intention, and your list of 25 things are just different ways to get there. So check out your list and scratch off anything that isn’t in line with how you want to feel. Maybe running a half-marathon makes you feel alive and connected to all those other people running, but stops you from being present when you run on the trails behind your house. Maybe having the goal of losing 15 pounds actually makes you feel trapped, fearful, and judgmental instead of loving, open, and free.

Re-examine old goals.

Just because something has been a dream for years doesn’t mean it still fits in with what you want for your life now. For years I wanted to buy a house until I realized that real estate in Denver is insane and it’s actually pretty affordable to rent, and renting makes me feel spacious and abundant, whereas paying a mortgage might make me feel trapped and tight-fisted. Cross off any goals that don’t fit anymore.

Looking at what’s left on your list, circle three or four goals that really take the cake; goals that would help you feel everything that you want to feel. Write each one of these at the the top of a new page in your journal, and fill the page with every action you would have to take to reach each goal. If you’re a box-checker, put a little box next to each action step.

Set a reminder on your phone to check back in with these four pages every week, or even every day. I like to look at these pages when I’m planning my week and pencil in when I may have a block of time to work on my goals.

Revisit Your Inspiring Intention Often

If you notice that you’re procrastinating, look back at how you want to feel. Does the goal that you set still help you feel that way? If so, jump back on the wagon, re-inspired by how you want to feel. If not, reorient yourself, using your desired feelings as a compass.

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