How To Respect, Love, and Nourish Myself: An Interview

I have some amazingly graceful and wise clients. I am constantly humbled by their self-awareness and patience. This is a snippet of a conversation with my youngest and most stylish client, a senior at CU studying psychology. To read more accounts of working with me, cruise over to my testimonials.

What problem did you have before you came to me?

"I ate when I wasn't hungry, and felt a lack of control once I started. Sugar was the hardest to resist—I would eat large amounts, often at work. Because I worked weekends and late night shifts, I would snack on goods from the bakery.

"I had a lot of guilt associated with "binge" eating. I would put myself down and feel physically ill the next day. It would put me in a bad mood."

What was your situation?

"I found myself in too many tempting situations that I could not control myself in: work, parties, my own pantry! I kept buying tempting bulk foods, even though I knew I would eat them in one sitting—bags of chips, trail mix, chocolate, etc."

What worried you most about signing up for health coaching?

"Payment was the first thing, but Lily and I worked to find an affordable rate for me! The second worry was that I was going to be criticized— that a coach would make judgmental statements about what I am doing wrong. I was also concerned about what my friends & family would think. I made the decision to not tell anyone until I felt ready to. This removed outside pressure."

What was the result? How did you benefit?

"I am not yet done with all of the sessions, but there have been huge changes in my life. I am happy, inside and out. What I eat doesn't dictate who I am. Although I still struggle with my old tempting foods, I have learned to not keep them in the house. Other people have noticed a change in my mood and attitude."

"People often comment on a glow that I've taken on."

"Sure, I slip into my old ways, but instead of criticizing myself, I acknowledge the incident, understand why it happened, and move on. I focus on foods that will nourish my body and avoid toxins. I am working to decrease my alcohol intake as well."

What now? Where are you headed? What has happened since then?

"I am still on the journey, and probably forever will be. I can genuinely say that I love the person I am...and I did NOT feel this way before meeting with Lily. I am excited to graduate from CU and spend a few months doing what I want--no classes, no work, just focusing on how I can become healthy, happy, and nurturing!"

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