How to Love Your Body This Bikini Season

  1. Put on an adorable bikini! (Personally, I love jewel tones, florals and animal prints.)

  2. Go someplace warm, like the pool, a lake, or your back patio.

  3. Love your body.

Wait… Loving your body isn't that easy?

Why not? Where and when did we learn that, as women, we’re supposed to cover ourselves up out of shame?

I was visiting a friend this weekend and her one-year-old was hanging out in the baby pool, which was filled with an inch of water. This kid was butt-naked and totally ecstatic. She just couldn’t get over how cool the water felt as it splashed over her.

While watching her play, I got a clear understanding that was like, “Whoah! That is serious Presence.”

This baby girl was responding to every physical sensation. There was no thought going through her head about how maybe she looked a little crazy (which she did) or how everybody was staring at her jiggly thighs (which we were).

She was totally present to the overwhelmingly physical experience of her body.

So let’s expand on the afore-mentioned steps:

Love your body

  1. Show your body love by feeding her foods that she likes. You will actually feel more loved if you make choices that value the way you feel—the two go hand in hand.
  2. Do you moisturize? You should! I’m not talking about skin health here (but John Douillard is). I’m talking about showing your body some love! After you get out of the shower, try massaging your favorite oil into your skin as if you were massaging someone you love. Hint: You are! Soak up all that awesome oxytocin.

  3. Treat yourself like a small child. Speak to yourself with love and compassion. Not quite sure how to do that? Check out my Intro to Self Love Workbook. 

Put on a bikini

  1. Be classy if you enjoy being classy, and be wild if you like being wild. If you have trouble staying in one box (like yours truly), mix and match classy Betty Boop with some crazy zebra print and/or florals. There are all kinds of blogs out there about what kind of bathing suit flatters what body shape. Read them or don’t—the take-home lesson is find a suit that makes you feel good.
  2. Instead of letting your mind fill with thoughts of what other people may be thinking, picture that little girl in the baby pool paying attention only to the wonderful physical sensations around her. Fill your head with the sensations around you: soft fabric on your skin, breeze blowing in your hair, sun in your eyes.

  3. Own that beautiful bod! When I hear women with legs for days complain about not having a butt, or ladies with the most feminine figure complain about the size of their thighs, I go bonkers. Girl! Love what you’ve got! I could go off on a long tangent about how much better life is when we stop resisting what comes naturally, but the bottom line is: you have a choice. Choose to show your body love.

Step one: love your body. Step two: put on a bikini.

What do you think? If you’re saying,“It’s not that easy!”, just humor me here. Take an afternoon to yourself and try it out. I’d love to hear about what you find. Let me know in the comments below.