Greetings from Seattle

I am writing to you from the Seattle Airport, on my way to beautiful Juneau, Alaska. So far, this trip has inspired two questions:

  1. What do you eat when you're traveling all day?
  2. How do you take a week off of work and still feel like a valuable human?

These questions may seem unrelated, but I think the answer to both comes down to one idea: step out of the box. Reframe, redefine, reshape your definition of "breakfast," "airplane food," and "a productive day at work."

What do you bring when you're going to spend a solid twelve hours in bus stations and airports? Here's what was in my bag this morning at 4:45 this morning:

To be fair, I drank my lassi on the bus to the airport because I wasn't sure it would get through security. The chia pudding made it through the x-ray machine without a hitch though! I fell asleep as soon as I sat down on the plane, so I had my chia breakfast at 40,000 feet. 

The sprouted almonds are tiding me over through my layover in Seattle, but I'll probably buy something to bring on the plane. I'm always a fan of Mexican food and often order a bowl full of some spicy meat and a ton of vegetables at places like Qdoba or Chipotle.

Bringing these snacks helps me skip the tiny and expensive airplane meals, and know that when I am expected to stay up late tonight celebrating my cousin's graduation, I won't be crashing from sugar, caffeine and other foods that make me feel like a mashed potato. 

Another note on travel food; it pays to bring your own silverware and container. Andrea Sanders, over at has taught me loads about the gross lifecycle of plastic. You probably know that plastic takes practically forever to break down, but when it does it can be absorbed by plants and end up in the food we eat. Gross! I really just can't handle using another plastic spoon, ever. So—  have spoon (and jar), will travel. 

You can read more about my second question in my next post!