Gratitude For Our Fellow Humans

For some people, Thanksgiving is about thanking God for the abundance he has presented us with. In the last few months, our ability to impact our fellow humans’ lives has become violently apparent. This awareness has caused me to be so grateful for those who intentionally create goodwill in this turbulent world.

This week, the internet is swollen with blog articles on gratitude. There’re even people out there talking about how gratitude isn’t enough. I agree, there are times when gratitude doesn’t cut it; it’s just not enough to soothe the hurt that is present.

When you sit down to this meal (or maybe when you sit down to any meal), explore this blessing:

“I am grateful for all the humans and animals that made this meal possible.”

It’s really an acknowledgement, not a blessing, and it gives us an opportunity to acknowledge all of those who contribute to our food system. On this day of abundance and decadence, I find it valuable to acknowledge my place in the complicated system that feeds all of us.

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