Getting Support

Humans are an interactive species; we used to work, eat, sleep and relax in close quarters with our community, therefore, our goals were the community’s goals. Now that we are separated by our busy schedules and geographical distance, it is even more important to find support from your community.

Making lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle can be challenging. Having people who love and support you in those goal can make a world of difference. Connect with your family, friends, and the wider community.

Unsure of how to safely ask for support?

  • Share with your family and friends how life has been for you: Do you wake up with a foggy head, and no energy for the day ahead of you? Are you stressed all the time and have trouble sleeping? Do you lack confidence and self-esteem?
  • Tell them what you plan to do about it: walking or meditating every morning, eating more fruit and vegetables at every meal, eliminating processed or packaged foods from your diet.
  • Ask for their support. Be specific in how they can support you in your goals. Can your husband make breakfast while you are walking, and then you will do the dishes after you join him to eat? Can your sister or your friends meet you for healthy lunches? Even something as simple as asking how your new health plan is going can be supportive.
  • Invite them to join you if they are interested. It’s much easier to make healthy dinners for two than two separate dinners, and it’s fun to have an exercise buddy. Be open to any answer when you ask them, everyone has to make their own choices, and it’s not your responsibility to twist their arm.

One last thing: Social media is a great way to get support, but it cannot replace eye contact and physical touch. Make time to be with your support network in the real world. Your health, and the health of our community, will be better for it.

If you have questions, or need someone new in your support network, I’d love to chat with you.