Eat Food, Mostly Plants, Not Too Much

There is so much pseudoscience out there on the internet! Most of my clients come to me confused and overwhelmed by the onslaught of conflicting dietary advice...paleo or plant-based? Raw food? The ketogenic diet? Weigh-watchers? What should we really be eating? 

Here are four guidelines to help you feel good about what you eat:

Eat Food

I had a Biology teacher in high school who told us to eat food that still looks like it did when it was alive. I was eating Cheez-Its, and he looked at me and said “Sorry, Calfee. There ain’t such a thing as a Cheez-It tree.” 

Simplify your diet by eating real food; vegetables, fruit, meat and whole grains.

Mostly Plants

When I recommend a “plant-based diet,” I am not suggesting that everyone be a vegan or vegetarian. If eating meat makes you feel good, I support that. I also support adding fruits and vegetables to every meal. Put blueberries or bananas in your pancakes, greens in your omelet, and extra vegetables in your sandwich, sauce and soup. Treat yourself to some jewel-like strawberries for dessert.

Not Too Much

Eating food feeds more than just our stomach. We eat to feel satisfied, nourished, and cared for. If I eat in the car on my way to work, or while I am reading or writing, I notice that I get hungry only an hour or two later. It’s like my body almost forgot that we just ate.

Try focusing on how delicious your food is, how each bite tastes, how warm you body feels as it is refilled with fuel. As you notice your food, you will also notice when you feel satisfied, and you might be surprised how little food it takes to actually fill you stomach.

Slowing Down

The same mindfulness that makes eating more enjoyable can be applied to the rest of your life. Even in the mundane daily routines we all have, paying attention can bring a great deal of satisfaction.

Next time you are washing the dishes, notice the way the warm water and soap feels on your hands. Feel grateful to be standing still for a few minutes during a busy day. You could also notice the view on the drive to work, or how lucky you are to come home to the smiling faces of your pets or family.

What foods help your body feel best?

Leave me a note in the comments below and check out the Breakfast Experiment to learn more about some of my favorite meals.