Dandelion Greens and Bacon: How Intentionally Choosing Your Food Will Change Your Life

My honey called me today while I was leaving my office. “Lil, we haven’t got anything to eat at home, so I’m gonna go grab some Chipotle. Do you want some?”

Yuck. “No, thanks,” I said, thinking to mysef—there’s always dandelion greens in the backyard.

Exercise Your Creativity 

As you may have guessed, this is yet another story about worrying there’s nothing to eat, only to find out that I have all the ingredients to make the perfect meal. In this case, I took the spicy salad greens from the backyard, topped them with the last piece of bacon, some wilting cherry tomatoes and the last wedge of a red onion, and sprinkled everything with a teaspoon of goat cheese. (You bet I tossed those tomatoes in the hot bacon fat!) A little mustard, olive oil, and lemon made a great dressing and before I knew it, I was on the back porch with a happy belly, watching the sunset and feeling super creative.

Taste Your Own Power

This is the real-life version of “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Making a delicious dinner out of nothing takes creativity, empowerment, and inspiration. By consciously choosing the food you put in your body, you are strengthening the muscles needed to transform your whole life. Through innovation and taking the risk of a less-than-perfect dinnertime, you also invite those qualities to show up in the rest of your life.  

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What could your job and career look like if you went in each day knowing that you would generate solutions while being totally open to where they might come from? You can’t plan a creative breakthrough or an inspirational brainstorming session, but you can show up willing to create the best possible situation and see where that leads you.

Consciously Create Your Life

The way you eat is important because it directly reflects the way you show up in the rest of your life. Show up to dinnertime with curiosity, willingness, and a strong belief in your own success, and see what shows up in the rest of your life.

What would your life be like if you made choices around your many different relationships using creativity, innovation, and a healthy willingness to mess it all up? How much more intimacy and partnership could be available if you were able to get really curious about your partner, despite the risk of looking like a fool?

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