Ten Reasons I Get out of Bed in the Morning

I remember when my alarm used to go off, and I'd pull the covers over my face and whimper "I'm not ready..." Uncovering my "why" changed the way I feel every morning! Here's ten reasons that I get out of bed every day:

  1. To create a Self-love Revolution. Whatever you wildest dreams are, you can only reach them if you consider yourself a valuable, lovable person, worthy of making your wildest dreams a reality. I want that for myself, for you and for everyone else out there.
  2. To feel powerful, feminine, wild and fabulous. This is who I really am, and I create this everyday in my life. Even on days when things seem gray and crummy, I can work out to feel powerful, or drink my tea out of a china cup to feel fabulous. 
  3. To empower other women to change the world. There are already so many women out there doing life-changing work! Check out Danielle, ElanaAndrea and Tracy. Is there something inside you waiting to come out and transform the world we live in? I want to see it!
  4. To create a sustainable health-care system. I really appreciate what modern medicine does, but I think we can do better. I think we can heal more and suppress less, soothe more and manage less, prevent more and operate less. I collaborate with all kinds of health care providers to create health care packages that effect lasting change in my clients' lives. 
  5. To support my loved ones on their healing journey. Some of my favorite people have been told by their doctors "Sorry, you'll just have to take this drug every day for the rest of your life," or "As long as you don't stop washing your face with these chemicals, your skin will get better," or "Pre-menstrual pain and anxiety is just part of being a woman. You could try going on the pill." I don't believe in that. Our bodies are capable of great healing, and I support that process. 
  6. To make a difference in the world. My dream for the planet is to reach a critical mass of people who are doing what they love and creating awesome stuff! If I can inspire three women to do what they love, and each of them inspires three women to change their lives, and so on and so on....Imagine the possibilities! 
  7. To learn about myself; to learn how best to care for my body, the vehicle that carries my soul through this life. To discover the ways that I express love, to understand my weakness and areas of incompetence. To get closer to my soul's true expression.  
  8. To support my ideal lifestyle, which basically means having time to move, play and rest and having great food to eat. I do work that I love so that when I leave the office, I go home to a life that I love just as much. 
  9. To transform how women are taught about their bodies. We are all born loving our bodies. Have you seen a toddler waiting for her bath, totally naked and unconcerned with her body? How does she grow into the teenager who hates her stomach? Where do we learn to hide under makeup, to dread our monthly cycle, to feel anxious about bikini season? Let's change that. 
  10. To feed the cat, because if I didn't, she would have to resort to hunting grasshoppers. 

What gets you out of bed?

How do you want to feel everyday, in big ways and small? What do you believe in? Let me know with your comments below.