Making Peace

A dear friend told me over tea last week that she feels "at war with her body." This woman is vivacious, talented, beautiful and incredibly loved and successful. I realized that, as women, we have been taught to fight against our bodies; to feel embarrassed when they betray us, to fight against our natural rhythms with coffee and Advil. We've learned that calorie counting and lots of jogging is the way to lose weight, and drinking green smoothies is the way to stay healthy. Carbs are evil, sugar is evil, fat is evil.

I believe that there is another way to be healthy and love your body. I do not believe in counting calories, I do not believe in evil foods, I don't believe in nutrition dogma, or feeling guilty after you've "cheated." I don't even believe in cheating! 

I believe in valuing and caring for your body because it is the vehicle that your soul is traveling in. I believe in loving yourself no matter what! The love you have for yourself is not conditional; it does not go away if you have a slice of pizza because "there was nothing else to eat."

I believe that health is available to all of us. I believe there are as many varieties of "healthy" as there are human beings. I believe that loving your body comes first, and from there you can start to make choices to honor it. I believe that health is totally attainable, no matter where you are today. I would love to have a conversation with you if these beliefs resonate with you. Call or email any time. 

With love,