Favorite 15-minute Swiss Chard

This recipe could not be easier. Two ingredients, five steps, fifteen minutes, most of it unattended!? For all of you people who say that you don't like greens, or you don't know how to cook them or you don't have time; this is for you.  


  1. Rinse the chard. Trim off the ends, and fold the whole bunch in half (like a hamburger bun) so that you know what size pot you are looking for. 
  2. Choose a pot with a tight fitting lid, that your chard will fit into. Pour in enough broth to cover the bottom of the pot, about half an inch. Bring to a simmer.  
  3. Note: Be picky about your broth. If you can take the time to season it with herbs, chili flakes and garlic, that's great. I recommend doctoring up a whole bunch, and freezing it in little useable batches.
  4. Press your folded-up chard into that pot, stem side down. Put the lid on tight, and wait about ten minutes, or until the chard stems are very easily pierced with a fork.
  5. Remove the chard to a cutting board, and chop into bite sized pieces. (I like to go diagonally one way, and then the other, but that's me). Serve chard as a side, or separate it into bowls and drizzle some broth on top to make a soupy, but delicious, mess. 


1 cup (probably less) of Chicken Broth

A Bunch of Swiss Chard