The Best States to Eat Local In

Why is eating local important?

  1. Support your local economy: When you buy food produced in your area, the money you spend goes directly into the pocket of community members. This makes them more likely to turn around and support your business and other important staples of the community.
  2. Cut down on transportation costs: To ship apples from New Zealand to Vermont costs more money and burns more fuel than growing apples in Vermont. The fuel burned during shipping contributes an exorbitant amount to global climate change.
  3. Know what’s going into your food. Have a relationship with the woman who raises the meat you eat, and the family who grows your greens and bakes your bread. Even if something grown locally isn’t certified organic, it is still better for you than something Monsanto grew for you.
  4. Why is eating local important to you? How easy is it to buy local produce in your area?