Get Clear: A Love Story

In a nutshell, here’s what I’ve learned from Diane Whiddon:

True Love = Total Authenticity

Authentic Marketing = Effective Marketing

Authentically Marketing Yourself = Showing Yourself Love

Five years ago, I gave up my dream of being a professional artist. This isn’t a sob story— just the reality that 2009 was not the year for me to make a living by selling art. Getting a “real job” felt like a gag order: no more exploring, creating, or expressing myself fully, especially not in the world of coaches and counselors! People would expect me to straighten my hair and wear a grey tweed blazer with penny loafers, right?

I could not have been more wrong.

Diane and I met towards the end of my third year as a health coach. For those first three years, I had done everything I could think of to present myself as professional and well-educated. I had boring (but professional) business cards, a cookie-cutter website, classic office clothes and an elevator pitch. And two clients.

In my first Get Clear meeting with Diane, I learned two facts that have changed my life.

  1. The most valuable thing I have to offer is ME!

  2. Everything and anything I want is possible.

I think I knew those things as a kid, but the world does a really good job of squishing all the optimism and self-confidence out of little girls. What a wild—and terrifying—realization to have: I am what’s special about what I do, and what I do can be anything I want.

Suddenly, I felt a lot more responsible for success or failure of my business. Diane taught me to pay attention to how I show up every day, because my authentic, genuine self is the best marketing I can do. Nowadays, I dress colorfully and professionally, my website expresses my truest self, and there’s a photo of me slurping up soup on my business card.

Through Diane’s Get Clear process, I gained more clarity around what I love to do. Sure, teaching about food is important. But teaching about love, creativity, courage and intuition is so much more inspiring to me! I want to help women explore their own minds and bodies; I want to guide them towards loving themselves, and encourage them to be creative and courageous with their self-expression. Food certainly ties into all this, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

As I explored the core beliefs of my work, I found the language to share these beliefs with potential clients. Expressing myself authentically attracts people who want what I can offer. Being myself is the best marketing I can do, the best way to share my gifts, and the strongest expression of self-love.

To recap:

True Love = Total Authenticity

Being true to yourself is the greatest expression of self-love. Just as you would share yourself authentically with a partner for whom you feel deep affection, intimacy will help create and sustain love for yourself.

Diane’s Get Clear helped me get to know what I really love in what I do for myself and others.

Authentic Marketing = Effective Marketing

Humans respond to real humans. When I honestly communicate what I do, it’s so much more compelling than writing a monthly newsletter from a template. Some people are turned off by my authentic voice, so they aren’t my ideal clients. The people who love how I write and talk are my right people.

Get Clear helped me speak about what I do in a way that moves my ideal clients to learn more about my work.

Authentically Marketing Yourself = Showing Yourself Love

For an entrepreneur who does what she loves, growing a personal business is the ultimate display of self-love. Marketing is everything and anything you do, so show up 100% and you’ll attract the right clients.

Get Clear helped me love marketing, because it’s just an intentional form of loving myself.

Join Diane and I on a Get Clear Retreat in October.